Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obama's Education Plans and New Jersey

Given my experiences living in New Jersey, Barack Obama's comments really tick me off.

"I'm talking about the larger American community, to acknowledge that we've never even come close to providing equal opportunity to the majority of black children. Real opportunity would mean quality prenatal care for all women and well-funded and innovative public schools for all children. "

Let me give Barack a piece of my mind here. Listen to this Barack:

For the first four years of my schooling, I went to school with a lot of black children. So I have four more years of going to school with black children and studying black history than you do. Was I disadvantaged because of this? Not in the least. You went to some fancy private school for wealthy white kids and now you look down your nose at the rest of us.

Why is it that white or Asian children can do fine in the schools that you call inferior? In New Jersey, in Demographic Group A (the poorest schools), 22.1% of Asian 8th graders and 15.1% of white 8th graders are advanced proficient in Math while only 2.5% of black 8th graders are in that category? How do you explain that, Sen. Obama? In Demographic Group J (the wealthiest group), only 18.4% of black 8th graders are advanced proficient in Math. With Asians, its almost 71%.

Another thing. I live in New Jersey and let me tell you that nothing pisses me off more than someone telling me we need to spend more on poor children's education. We spend over 18K per student in Newark, NJ and what have we accomplished. Absolutely nothing! We are fed up with having our property taxes raised to support the urban school districts.

Don't tell me tests don't measure achievement. I can't look into these children's souls as you claim to be able to do. Tests are the only way I can measure performance. And the tests show that all this education spending in NJ has been an absolute waste.

So, no I do not support the same stupid educational theories that have been tried in NJ and failed for 20 years. So stop this blame whitey nonsense. And don't call me a racist when you have been listening to that quack reverend for 20 years.